Vimianzo. Do mar á terra.


"Do mar á terra" cookbook

Plato gastronómico

Thanks to the “Do mar á terra” initiative, Vimianzo restaurateurs worked towards the recovery of ancient recipes and cooking methods, to combine the history, genuine sea flavours and products of the Costa da Morte.  As a result of their work and the advice from experienced archaeologists and chefs, today they offer visitors menus like those of the Castro and Medieval times.

Below are the recipes that restaurateurs belonging to the “Do mar à terra” Vimianzo tourist network developed specifically for this project. Chefs at various restaurants worked together with chef Miguel Silvarredonda, following the specialist advice of gastronomic archaeologists Víctor Bejega and Eduardo González, so that both the Medieval and Castro menus offered to visitors are a true reflection of the Vimianzo cuisine of the Iron and Middle Ages.