Vimianzo. Do mar á terra.


Sabadelle, a window to the sea

Sabadelle is Vimianzo’s window onto the sea, in between Traba (Laxe) and Camelle (Camariñas). Here, where land and sea meet, Vimianzo tastes the salty Atlantic waters.

The parish of Carantoña meets the sea at the Sabadelle inlet, an old whaling port used by Basque fishermen since the 13th century, then later on by Norwegian fishermen. Now it is a tiny pebbled beach set in a wild background with streams flowing into the sea, and a forest area.

Punta de Sopena (a stretch of land extending towards the sea) divides the pebbled beaches of Sabadelle and Señora. It was the only port where boats could dock when the sea was rough. If you look closely, you can see, among the rocks, paintings by Manfred Gnädinger, Camelle’s German artist.

Just like in the rest of the municipality of Vimianzo, this area still has traces of its ancient inhabitants. Nearby, the remains of an old medieval town can be found, with a noble house dating from the 16th century with a coat of arms on its façade of Gregorio de Lema, one of the best silversmiths in Galicia.

We cannot leave out the stone symbol called “Pé do Santo” (Saint’s foot), a petroglyph dating from the Iron Age, as well as a rocky landscape whimsically carved by the wind over the centuries.

It is an ideal place to escape and forget the routine, watching the sea and listening to the beat of the Atlantic on the rocks and pebbled beaches. A sight that awakens the senses.