Vimianzo. Do mar á terra.




Logotipos de uso de HTML y CSS válidos y cumplimiento de accesibilidad nivel AA

The Internet was created as a universal network for the acquisition and treatment of information. However, it can also be an obstacle for people with some type of disability.  

For this reason, the partners of “Vimianzo. Do mar á terra” project are dedicated to eliminating, as far as possible, the most common obstacles facing Internet users who are elderly or suffering from physical, mental, sensory or cognitive disabilities that impede access to the web.  

In creating and designing our website, we have taken into account the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), so that all users, regardless of their circumstances or the devices involved when accessing information, can access the contents of our website.  

The format of the contents on the website uses the standard recommended byW3C; the elements used in its contents follow the guidelines established by priority level AA of the WCAG of W3C, and the style sheets (CSS) used to assign the presentation formats for the contents are also based on the W3C standard.