Vimianzo. Do mar á terra.


Conservation of the marine environment and responsible consumption

Plato gastronómico

For centuries, Vimianzo has been overlooking the sea from the fortresses like castros and its Castle, whose proximity to the coast made it suitable for supervising the trade routes of the North Sea, the sardine and salt businesses and the spoils of sunken ships. Other guardians of the sea are natural landscapes like the Sabadelle inlet and Penedos de Pasarela, together with the people who have been, until now, the bearers of the products of the sea that washes on to Vimianzo’s shores and the neighbouring ports of Costa da Morte.

However, supervision tasks imply protection duties, and the primary tool for attaining that objective is knowledge.

With the aim of strengthening the fishing sector and community as a mark of local identity, "Do mar á terra” seeks to raise awareness, through the provision of information, on sustainable consumption of seafood, focusing on respecting food quality and environmental and fishing sustainability.

When we consume local produce, we are effortlessly supporting local workers and producers and contributing to reduce atmospheric CO2 emissions while putting high-quality food on the table.

Everyone, from the consumer to the fisherman, from the restaurateur to the fishmonger can actively adopt this responsible approach to consumption. To this end, " Do mar á terra " offers some guides detailing aspects to be considered when trying to prevent the depletion of marine resources and the disappearance of the fishing community.